How do I get more from points?

1. Register and log-in

Sign up and be our member for free and earn 1000 points from us to get you started.

2. Start Shopping For More Items

Explore our product line and add items to your card.

3. Fill In Your Detailis And Claim Your Points

Once you are done adding items to your cart, key in your points into the box and click apply to make the claim.

4. Check Out And Your Items Will Be Ready Soon

You will arrive at the check out page. Here, your order will be recorded in our system and will be ready at the specifiec date and time for pick up or delivery.

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How do I earn Carbless Points?

For every RM1 spent as a member of the Carbless loyalty points program, you will earn 1 point.

Each point has a monetary value and when a customer has accumulated sufficient points this can be redeemed for any of our products based on its points value determined by Carbless in its terms and conditions of the loyalty program at Carbless.

Each point has an expiration date. Loyalty points will be valid for 365 days from when it was first earned. Carbless does not take responsibility for informing customers of their points validity period

How do I get more savings?

You can earn more savings by opting in the Carbless e wallet and collect points from every purchase you make with us which is redeemable with cash.

Start now by signing up and get 1000 points.

Can I change my order ?

We are a make to order business. This ensures that all bakes are made fresh on selected day of pick up or delivery. At the check out page, you may change your order by notifying us via email 3 days before your selected date.

What type of sweeteners do you use?

We use lakanto for all our baked goods and xylitol for our ice creams. Both are diabetic friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone

Are the breads sliced?

We do not slice our breads. This helps to maintain hygiene and a longer shelf life.